Popov Winery is a prestigious family-owned winery located in Sopot, in the heart of the most famous wine region in Macedonia and the Balkans, Tikves wine region.


The underground part of the winery where the
temperature is constant in the course of the
whole year provides slight and controlled evaporation.

Our Wines

Top-quality wines, with a wealth of fruit and floral
aromas, wines with character, as evidenced by the
numerous awards at prestigious international competitions.

Popov Winery
a Long Family Tradition

Grape growing is part of the Popov family's long tradition, a tradition renewed in 2001 with the foundation of the Popov Winery. Today the winery owns 40 hectares of its own carefully selected and groomed vineyards and has a capacity of 300,000 liters.

The wines have the beautiful ballance of fruit and floral aromas which is characteristic of their varieties and region.

Our Vineyard

In the heart of Tikvesh Wine Region

International Award Winning Wines

Quality in every drop of wine

The Science and Technology
of Wine Making

Wines Popov blend the modern technology and knowledge with traditional methods practiced for centuries in this region, but also with extraordinarily favorable natural characteristics of the soil and atmosphere.

All the procedures carried out in the process of wine production are for the purpose of providing full control of the vinification process.

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